Jeoung Seok Yoon (Dr.) Cofounder & CEO
Jeoung Seok leads DynaFrax's scientific programming and technology development, as well as strategic planning. Jeoung Seok received his Ph.D. in Geosystem Engineering from Seoul National University (Korea) in 2007. Jeoung Seok's Ph.D. work was awarded The Rocha Runner Up Certificate by the International Rock Mechanics Society (ISRM) in 2010. Jeoung Seok worked at the Helmholtz Centre Potsdam German Research Centre for Geosciences since 2012, where he developed the THM coupled process simulator on the basis of Distinct Element Modelling software, Particle Flow Code from the Itasca Consulting Group (USA). Together with Hanne, Jeoung Seok received Helmholtz Enterprise funding from the Helmholtz Association  (Impulse and Network Fund) for his Helmholtz Enterprise project "DcubeRoc". Since April 2019, Jeoung Seok works as the CEO of DynaFrax and leads several projects in the fields of nuclear waste disposal, geothermal and shale gas reservoir induced seismicity.
Jeoung Seok's expertise is:
  • Brittle rock fracture propagation
  • THM coupled process modelling
  • Induced seismicity modelling in geothermal & shale gas reservoirs
  • Nuclear waste disposal
  • Earthquake fault physics and modelling

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