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Induced seismic hazard modelling & analysis

DynaFrax provides integrated workflow for modelling induced seismic hazard as a result of human operation in subsurface environment, such as gas storage/extraction, fluid injection/withdrawal, nuclear waste disposal, heat storage. etc.

Reference: Groningen fault induced seismicity simulation

Customized development of numerical model and workflow

DynaFrax provides customized numerical modelling tools and workflows for various problems of the customers, such as hydraulic fracturing simulator, proppant transport simulator, acoustic emission simulator, rock blast simulator, rock fall simulator, etc. by advanced programming on the basis of Itasca's commercial software, Particle Flow Code (PFC)

References: 3D hydraulic fracturing simulation, 3D rock fall simulation

Training course

DynaFrax provides training course to universities, research institutes of the customized numerical modelling.

References: Lecture at international School for Geoscience Resources (IS-Geo) at KIGAM

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